Universal Consciousness

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A captivating idea that advances us into the next stage of existence will be to produce these ideological thought structures which allow us to move forward at a boundless pace that allows us to take the chains off and remove the consciousness filter that exist on the barrier level of the brief that advances us into the next stage of human evolution. As long as we continue to advance into these next stages of existence we will be highly desirable is the next beings that exist within this fabricated realm of reality that we may now exist in. Once your filled with this childlike wonder and begin to advance ourselves and to the next stage of social progress we will be more capable to deal with these ideological thought structures which now assault our consciousness a regular basis. These corrupt politicians have had the reins of this country long enough for me must take back these form of ideas that our founding fathers have given to this country on a fundamental level. Benjamin Franklin the founding fathers of this country's to grow hemp in his garden and have a slave fetid to them at dinner used to eat it every night. Why can't we take a page out of his book on life and take this valuable plant substance and take advantage of its valuable properties and use it as a valuable resource in our society.

This valuable crop can prefer I our society with the fuel it needs to fully operate in clothing and paper to write on and other valuable resources that are highly desirable in this situation at this time in this economic climate that is extremely disturbed and undervalued and highly unstable. As long as we don't hesitate and wait for this other impression to common form on this mind structure that we have created we can existence keep busting editing keep moving into the direction that we want to we exist in. Another advance in the can be made in this realm of possibilities is to activate the cannabis receptors in the mind and advance into this human experience which now exists in the formidable planet that allows us to communicate in these advanced technological digital information activities. Another great way that we can continue to advance of the society is to explore these alternate realms within the deep levels of consciousness that can allow us to exist on the deep levels of thought advance into the next stage of evolution. We must accept our own mortality and know that are for the fate of this country has a deep and seated meaning that we must now face and we cannot shirk ourselves of the responsibilities that we have now inherited from the future generations to keep them existing and have a place to sleep on this planet.

The best way that we can continue to preserve these valuable ideologies is to spread this information at a rapid an alarming rate that is radical and supersonic in this consciousness will be spread of the rate of sound and will not slow down for anything and will not cease to exist at all. We will manifest this thought structure into reality without any hesitation in any reservations or resistance the we experience will be overcome with no hesitation in complete lack of regard for the person's interpretation. We can no longer sit by and wait for these opinionated people to sit and stand up and take their little seats in the world and tell them what they think and allow us to observe them with these objective realities when they are just having a subjective experience. But the most important thing is that we continue to spread this information is alarming rate of allow us to experience these alternative realities within the confines of our own minds and experience these biochemical thought structures that are created from the supersonic relativity medium that is the universal consciousness that permeates all things within this reality.

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